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Differentiating Structure, Not Content

Differentiating Structure, Not Content

Changing the classroom structure can be as effective as differentiating content.

Konawaena Middle School was created as a school within a high school to meet the unique needs of the early adolescents. One of the outstanding features of this school is its commitment to the heterogeneous grouping of...
Author: Guy Gambone
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Keeping Students Engaged with Mini-Lessons

Keeping Students Engaged with Mini-Lessons

Quick lessons in the middle of class keep students active and focused.

“Class is over? Wow, that went fast!” That’s one of the biggest compliments a teacher can get. It means our students were engaged in their work. Research shows that the average young...
Author: Nichole Carter
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The Importance of Classroom Structure

The Importance of Classroom Structure

Don't let anyone fool you. Don't let anyone tell you differently. To create an "inviting, safe, inclusive, and supportive" environment for students, desks matter. I know this fact firsthand, because one day at school...
Author: Dru Tomlin
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Manage Your Classroom AND Keep Your Sanity

Classroom management is about trial and error; it comes through practice, patience, teamwork, flexibility, quality mentoring, willingness to seek help, and a huge dose of humor. There is no one solution for every...
Author: Jack C. Berckemeyer
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