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Common Core State Standards

Efficient vs. Effective Environments: Testing the Testing Environment

Efficient vs. Effective Environments: Testing the Testing Environment

Where students take a test can make a difference in their ability to perform

"I didn't do very well in the library, I was distracted," one of my sixth grade students told me a few days after completing a math progress monitoring test in the school library. An uncomfortable testing environment...
Author: Katie Houdek
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Topics: Assessment
Getting Students Excited about Analytical Writing

Getting Students Excited about Analytical Writing

Imagine students wanting to improve their writing—just because!

What if students improved their writing because they wanted to, not just to get a good grade? What if their motivation to do better was fueled by teacher conferences and quick feedback? That fantasy could be closer...
Author: Joy Mushacke Smith
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GPS for Test Prep: Which Route Do You Take?

GPS for Test Prep: Which Route Do You Take?

Effective test prep means understanding the test as well as the content.

"Assuming that the street is level, what should you do after you have finished parallel parking in a space between two other cars?" This is a practice question on the New York State DMV website for the written...
Author: Amber Chandler
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Topics: Assessment
This We Believe and the Common Core

This We Believe and the Common Core

How closely do the tenets of This We Believe align with Common Core ELA standards?

How is adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) affecting middle school instruction? At a meeting with teachers and principals from an array of schools honored with the Schools to Watch designation,...
Author: Nance S. Wilson, Laurie A. Ramirez, Carla K. Meyer
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Helping Students Understand the Rigors of Assessment Text

Helping Students Understand the Rigors of Assessment Text

When students truly understand the question, they are better able to share their knowledge.

Whether your state uses Common Core or its own standards, your students must be able to tackle rigorous text on their assessments—especially given the fact that both ACT and SAT use advanced rigor in text and...
Author: Ruby K. Payne
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Topics: Assessment

The Influence of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Eighth Grade Mathematics Achievement

The issue of lower than expected mathematics achievement is a concern to education leaders and policymakers at all levels of the U.S. PK–12 education system. The purpose of this quantitative, quasi-experimental...
Author: Christopher H. Tienken, James A. Maher
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Topics: Research

The Relationship between Curriculum-based Measures in Oral Reading Fluency and High-Stakes Tests for Seventh Grade Students

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between oral reading fluency and performance on a statewide reading achievement test for middle grades students. Participants in this study were 75 seventh...
Author: Sawyer A. Hunley, Susan C. Davies, Christina R. Miller
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Effective Science Instruction: Impact on High-Stakes Assessment Performance

This longitudinal prospective cohort study was conducted to determine the impact of effective science instruction on performance on high-stakes high school graduation assessments in science. This study provides...
Author: Carla C. Johnson, Danhui Zhang, Jane Butler Kahle
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The Common Core: The Good, the Bad, the Possible

Middle grades educators would have to live on another planet not to be aware of initiatives involving the Common Core State Standards, teacher accountability, and PreK–12 state achievement tests. How do we sort...
Author: Susan Rakow
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Speaking a Common Language Across the Curriculum

State standardized test scores at Cedarbrook Middle School in the Cheltenham (Pennsylvania) School District had been stagnant for several years and the achievement gap within our school dismayed and disheartened all...
Author: Sarah M. Stout, Peggy Cooper, Heather Blumberg, Linda Roeder, Jamie Osea, and Kevin Burke
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