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Motivating the Reluctant Learner

Motivating the Reluctant Learner

Changing student motivation from being disruptive to being successful

Working with students who typically haven't been very successful in the classroom can be a challenge. Luckily, there are a few simple approaches to take that will help you motivate those reluctant learners from day...
Author: Darren Barkett
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Interactive Notebooks in the Sixth Grade Science Classroom

Interactive Notebooks in the Sixth Grade Science Classroom

Keeping students organized and in charge of their own learning

Where did I put those notes again? Umm … I think I threw those notes away Ms. H. I don't know how to study for this quiz! Ugh, I hate taking notes! When did we learn this? Wait … did we even learn...
Author: Alison Hoadley
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Tags: Science
Cheating and Plagiarizing

Cheating and Plagiarizing

Ben reads below grade level, and knows that if he whines about how unfair school is, his dad will cave in and do most of the work for him. Jacqueline knows how to do the math, but she doesn't think she should...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices

The new 3 Rs—respect, responsibility, and relationships.

What does discipline look like in your classroom? In your school? How do those who have been harmed have a voice in the discipline process? How do students with repeated behavioral issues get support? What Is...
Author: Brandie Oliver
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How can I keep students in their seats and focused?

"I get tired of students interrupting instruction to go to the bathroom or to their locker because they 'forgot something.' How can I keep students in their seats and focused—or at least decrease the number of...
Author: Valerie Benjamin
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Moment by Moment: An Instructional Approach to Positive Behavior

Moment by Moment: An Instructional Approach to Positive Behavior

Positive student behavior develops from expectations, relationships, and direct instruction.

Although many schoolwide discipline efforts focus on systems, rules, and consequences, they often overlook effective response strategies to students' misbehavior. Without straightforward approaches to teach,...
Author: Tricia Wells
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Classroom Management with Voice–Movement–Task

Classroom Management with Voice–Movement–Task

Explicit expectations are a key to classroom management.

Sometimes it's the simple things that are the solution to classroom management problems. Consider the simple task of giving directions. As basic as they may be, directions are the infrastructure of a well-managed...
Author: Victoria S. Lentfer
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Compassionate Discipline: Dealing with Difficult Students

Compassionate Discipline: Dealing with Difficult Students

Reaching and teaching all students requires an understanding of them inside and out.

If you are tired of dealing with negative student behaviors day in and day out, you are not alone—in fact, you are firmly in the center of the average teacher's experience. Still, managing difficult student...
Author: Grace Dearborn
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Minds-On, Hands-Off Learning

Minds-On, Hands-Off Learning

Allowing students freedom within boundaries promotes dynamic learning.

Middle school students are growing and developing into actively thinking young adults. To become critical thinkers who take ownership of their work, they need guided autonomy embedded in rich learning experiences....
Author: Alicia A. Cole
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The Importance of Classroom Structure

The Importance of Classroom Structure

Don't let anyone fool you. Don't let anyone tell you differently. To create an "inviting, safe, inclusive, and supportive" environment for students, desks matter. I know this fact firsthand, because one day at school...
Author: Dru Tomlin
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