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Your Students Have Cell Phones

Your Students Have Cell Phones

Let the torture, I mean, texting begin

A rite of passage for many students entering middle school is being handed their own cell phone. Chances are that parents of kids entering fifth, sixth, or seventh grades have discussed cell phones ad nauseum because...
Author: Kathleen McGuiness
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Tags: Texting
Help! My Students Write Like They Text!

Help! My Students Write Like They Text!

Using code-switching to improve writing

IMHO, LOL, OIC, OMG. If you've recently graded middle school or high school writing, chances are you've read terms like these; or my favorite, "wtf - idk" which also happened to be an answer on a student's quiz. As a...
Author: Jennifer French
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Social Media for Middle Level Classrooms

Research Summary

Seventh grade teacher Elizabeth Delmatoff piloted a social media program in her Portland, Oregon classroom. By the end of the year, 20% of students school-wide were completing additional assignments for no credit,...
Author: Alicia Wenzel, Ken Carano
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Helping Students Navigate the World of Texting

Helping Students Navigate the World of Texting

If you ask a group of students what they love about texting and what they can't stand, you'll get an earful! Texting offers some interesting challenges for middle school students as they develop and practice social...
Author: Devorah Heitner
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