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What to Do When a Parent Is Incarcerated

What to Do When a Parent Is Incarcerated

New information helps educators understand how to work with students

In the August 2011 issue of Middle Ground, I encouraged teachers to be proactive with students whose parents are in jail or prison. I provided a brief overview of the perceived academic disadvantages for children of...
Author: Megan Sullivan
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Tags: Guidance
Making a Difference with At-risk Students: The Benefits of a Mentoring Program in Middle School

Making a Difference with At-risk Students: The Benefits of a Mentoring Program in Middle School

As students in middle school encounter and struggle with social and emotional changes that occur during this transitionary period to adulthood, many educators seek to help students develop skills and...
Author: Suzanne F. Lindt, Cody Blair
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Academic Lifeguards: Saving Students

Academic Lifeguards: Saving Students

Academic lifeguards are on duty, on guard, and willing to jump in when necessary.

You are a lifeguard on a beach and you see a child engulfed by an enormous wave, then struggling to keep her head above water. You use every skill you have to prevent the child from drowning. Academic lifeguards are...
Author: Sherri Nelson
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Tags: RTI
Closing the  Achievement  Gap in Texas

Closing the Achievement Gap in Texas

A new approach to instruction helped this middle school overcome the odds.

More than 90% of Simon Middle School's 620 students are economically disadvantaged, 95% are minority, 52% are English language learners, and 14% have special needs, so ensuring that all of its students are successful...
Author: Susan Dawson, Christine Moses
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Making a Difference through Student Advocacy

Making a Difference through Student Advocacy

The students needed me to make a difference, and they couldn’t wait another year for me to figure it out. The disciplinary referrals were piling up in the manila folder on my desk. Their pink, yellow and white...
Author: Dru Tomlin
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Lights, Camera, Literacy!

Lights, Camera, Literacy!

A marriage of film and literacy education provides authentic learning opportunities.

As middle school teachers, we strive to inspire our students to achieve. We constantly seek ways to engage, motivate, and challenge every learner in our classrooms. We want to provide those special experiences that...

Using Chants and Cadences to Promote Literacy Across the Curriculum

Chants and cadences engage students in creative writing and critical thinking.

Daniel (a pseudonym) had benefitted greatly from the idea that students can creatively represent their ideas in a content area in ways other than traditional spoken and written responses. He was a preservice...

Preservice Teachers Are Creating a College Culture for At-Risk Middle School Students

This mid-point report from a seven-year study about building a college culture investigates how a multifaceted approach including mentoring, technology, campus visits, parent involvement, and tutoring impacts at-risk...
Author: Rich Radcliffe, Liz C. Stephens
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Helping Middle School Girls At Risk for School Failure Recover Their Confidence and Achieve School Success: An Experimental Study

Middle school girls who are at risk have experienced a disproportionate number of intense and disruptive traumatic life events. Such events can adversely affect healthy development and often contribute to higher...
Author: Michael J. Mann
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The Relationship between Curriculum-based Measures in Oral Reading Fluency and High-Stakes Tests for Seventh Grade Students

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between oral reading fluency and performance on a statewide reading achievement test for middle grades students. Participants in this study were 75 seventh...
Author: Sawyer A. Hunley, Susan C. Davies, Christina R. Miller
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