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Feedback for Students, by Students

Feedback for Students, by Students

Developing student efficacy and engagement.

Four Ways to Help Students Take a More Active Role in the Feedback Process. Much has been written about feedback in recent years that most educators are acutely aware of the powerful influence it can have on student...
Author: Rachael Williams
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Assessments: A Key Ingredient in Our Practice

Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously remarked that "We have nothing to fear but fear itself"—and the same is true for middle level education. No transformative educational meal was ever created based on fear. I...
Author: Dru Tomlin
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Assessing Assessments: Six Useful Strategies

Assessing Assessments: Six Useful Strategies

Diverse ways for students to show their thinking.

The need for effective assessment is an important topic for both school administrators and classroom teachers. Practical ideas and fresh concepts are essential, and meaningful assessments require both of these...
Author: James Davis
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Scaffold for Individual and Group Success

Scaffold for Individual and Group Success

Supporting students' cognitive development.

As a first year teacher in a seventh grade classroom, I had several experiences that made me question my practice, try new strategies, and learn from my students. One particular problem seemed to reappear frequently...
Author: Paige Ferguson
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A Discussion on Grading? Let Me Get My Helmet

A Discussion on Grading? Let Me Get My Helmet

It's time we get on the same page

Although based on a ridiculously small data set, my scientific opinion, given the available information, is that teachers are almost completely pacifistic, choosing discourse and debate over confrontation and conflict...
Author: Guy Gambone
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How do I help students develop the ability to engage in self-assessment? What can we do?

A teacher's ability to facilitate self-assessment and student reflection on (independent of you) is essential during the middle grades years. Self-assessment is a student's ability to check and understand his or her...
Author: Kristie Smith
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Classroom Tech for Learning Checks

In its keys for educating young adolescents, AMLE calls for educators to use a variety of assessments in an effort to both advance and measure student learning. Daily, teachers are using assessment to guide...
Author: Kristie Smith, Kristina N. Falbe
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8 Digital Formative Assessment Tools to Improve Motivation

The silver bullet for closing the achievement gap these days seems to be formative assessment. In simple terms, formative assessment is any ongoing activity that helps teachers gain information about student...
Author: Bryan R. Drost
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Tags: Formative
Show What You Know: From PBL to Digital Portfolios

Show What You Know: From PBL to Digital Portfolios

One student's enthusiasm can open new doors to teaching and learning.

My son's birthday party this year was at one of those bounce house places with children hopped up on orange soda and birthday cake. In the midst of the chaos, one of the workers approached me—not with the news...
Author: Amber Chandler
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Graphic Representations of Student Achievement

Let's interpret the data as it's written: 80, 90, 0, check, check-minus, absent, 55, 87, absent, 77, one day late 90, check, 90, check, 12, 91, check, check, 88, absent, 84, check, check, check, check, check, absent,...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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