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The Dos and Don'ts of Creating Meaningful Assessments

The Dos and Don'ts of Creating Meaningful Assessments

Designing assessments to analyze teaching and learning

One of the most frustrating parts of teaching for me has been assessments. There have been so many times when I've felt success in learning with my students throughout a unit only to realize they haven't learned what...
Author: Shayna Cooke
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Classroom Tech for Learning Checks

In its keys for educating young adolescents, AMLE calls for educators to use a variety of assessments in an effort to both advance and measure student learning. Daily, teachers are using assessment to guide...
Author: Kristie Smith, Kristina N. Falbe
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8 Digital Formative Assessment Tools to Improve Motivation

The silver bullet for closing the achievement gap these days seems to be formative assessment. In simple terms, formative assessment is any ongoing activity that helps teachers gain information about student...
Author: Bryan R. Drost
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Ensuring Valid, Effective, Rigorous Assessments

Ensuring Valid, Effective, Rigorous Assessments

How can you ensure your assessments provide accurate feedback?

What's the best way to assess students' learning? During the past several years, we have developed a process that help us ensure we are using valid, effective, and rigorous assessments with our students—a...
Author: Nimisha H. Patel, David L. Herick
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Using Formative Assessments to Individualize Instruction and Promote Learning

Using Formative Assessments to Individualize Instruction and Promote Learning

Like most terms in education, assessment brings to mind a wide range of conceptions and emotions. Today the trend toward using summative testing for accountability points out the disparate understandings of...
Author: Juliann M. Kaftan, Gayle A. Buck, Alysa Haack
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Patient and Tenacious Teaching

In the race to complete reports that prove the immediate value-added measures of our teaching, we've lost sight of one of the most powerful teaching tools we have: patience. Teacher patience is the heart of students'...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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Formative and Summative Assessments in the Classroom

Printable article Successful middle schools engage students in all aspects of their learning. There are many strategies for accomplishing this. One such strategy is student-led conferences. As a classroom teacher...
Author: Catherine Garrison, Michael Ehringhaus, PhD
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Formative Assessment: Debunking the Myths

Formative Assessment: Debunking the Myths

AMLE Podcast Series

Formative assessment is a verb, not a noun. A process whereby students and teachers maintain ongoing conversation about learning, formative assessment is key to student achievement. Kate Garrison, manager of...
Author: AMLE
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Formative Assessment Practices in Successful Middle Level Classrooms

Research Summary

One of the hallmarks of middle level education is the process of understanding students and responding to their needs. In recent years, researchers have stressed the role of assessment in this process. As expectations...
Author: David Strahan and Carrie Rogers
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Research Summary

Assessment is important for middle level teachers and their students. In fact, the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) highlighted curriculum, instruction, and assessment in This We Believe: Keys to...
Author: Robert M. Capraro, Mary F. Roe, Micki M. Caskey, David Strahan, Penny A. Bishop, Christopher C. Weis
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