Program Review Board

The Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) is a constituent member organization of the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) , formerly the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). CAEP accredits schools, colleges, and departments of education that provide professional preparation for teachers and other school specialists. AMLE is responsible for the Program Review Process within CAEP for institutions seeking national recognition of middle level teacher preparation programs. In addition to coordinating and conducting the Program Review Process, AMLE is represented on the CAEP Board of Examiners on a continuing basis and various other CAEP boards on a rotating basis.

AMLE and other member organizations that form CAEP represent teachers, teacher educators, policymakers, and school specialists. The overall mission of the coalition is to set national standards that help assure quality and credibility in preparation programs for professional school personnel. To accomplish its mission CAEP is striving to link teacher preparation standards with state licensure requirements.

The program review process is conducted online and the only travel required of program reviewers is that of attending meetings at the AMLE annual conference in November. These meetings are held at the annual conference since members will likely already be attending the conference and therefore will not have any added travel expenses. Members of the AMLE Program Review Board are volunteers and no reimbursement for travel or other expenses is provided. Terms are typically three years, but may be renewed by the AMLE Professional Preparation Advisory Board. After serving successfully and submitting program reviews, members are recognized by CAEP as members of the CAEP Board of Program Reviewers.


AMLE seeks members for the Program Review Board who represent racial, ethnic, gender, and geographic diversity. Qualifications and performance expectations for program reviewers include the following:

  1. Ability to attend annual training sessions at the AMLE Conference
  2. Ability to make confidential reasoned, unbiased professional judgments about education programs based on their alignment with AMLE standards
  3. Basic knowledge about interpretation of data, performance-based assessment, use of rating scales and rubrics, and analysis of written information
  4. Commitment and availability to perform duties for a 3-year term
  5. Commitment to meet deadlines
  6. Computer literacy and access to the Internet and e-mail and familiarity with submission and review databases [the reviews are conducted online]
  7. Current membership in AMLE
  8. Excellent writing skills that convey clear, substantive judgments about the program that support review decisions and that offer focused comments to provide institutions the information needed to bring their programs into alignment with AMLE standards
  9. Expertise in the field of middle level education, teaching, administration, teacher education, research, and/or program evaluation
  10. Familiarity with current and former editions of AMLE Middle Level Teacher Preparation Standards
  11. Good interpersonal skills, the ability to interact with team members in a courteous and collegial manner, and the ability to work toward consensus in team deliberations

If you wish to apply to become a member of the AMLE Program Review Board, contact Dr. Ellis Hurd at