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AMLE is actively seeking ideas and perspectives on teaching and reaching 10- to 15-year-olds. If you are a teacher, administrator, professor, researcher, counselor, or coach with valuable insights, ideas, or research, we welcome your articles and manuscripts. AMLE publications are your trusted source for information on best practices in middle level education and we want to include your voice!

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AMLE Newsletter publishes brief articles with immediately usable activities, ideas, and concepts. The newsletter is available only to AMLE associate, professional, and school members as a semi-monthly e-mail during the school year. Article submissions are encouraged and should follow these guidelines: 500 to 1000 words, conversational/casual in tone, offers specific ideas for use in schools or classrooms, does not promote a particular product or service. Articles should be submitted to April Tibbles at atibbles@amle.org

AMLE publishes several books per year covering topics such as curriculum, instruction, assessment, advisory-advocacy, teaming, research, family and community involvement, and much more. Our books are written by middle grades professionals and offer relevant, practical tools for individual, team, and school use that bring solutions to complex challenges and help students achieve.

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